Private Student Accommodation

A popular option for newly arrived international students which offers accommodation in modern, fully furnished apartments shared with other students from all over the world. Fees vary according to the number of flatmates that are sharing the same accommodation. It is cheaper to share a room with flatmates than renting a private room. These residencies are located in the proximity of the city (25 minutes away tops) and all have easy access to public transport. Utilities such as electricity/water/gas are already included in the price.

Homestay Accommodation

This option allows the student to experience living with an Australian family. Many students choose this option as a starting point for their first month in Australia, and then move in with friends into shared apartments. Living with an Australian family is an enriching experience, great to practice your English whilst spending your first month in a secure environment. It is however important to note that every family home has its rules which need to be respected. This arrangement generally includes 2 meals during weekdays and 3 during weekends. Most English schools offer this service.

Share Accommodation

Most international students will at some stage look for flatmates to rent an apartment or house together. This helps not only reducing living costs but also allows students getting to know other cultures. You can see some examples on share accommodation in the following links:

House Rental

This involves renting a house or apartment through a real estate agent. This option tends to be more convenient for students who are already well established in Australia as rental applications include mandatory requirements such as providing Australian referees and payslips. To see a list of Australian real estate agents visit:

Youth Hostels

If you are the ‘independent type’ or if you arrive to Australia without any accommodation sorted, then hostels are a very good accommodation option. They are not only cheaper, they offer a great opportunity to meet friends from all over the world. Below you can find a few links on hostel chains in Australia:

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