Why AustraliaOnline?



We are more than "just an education agency"

An education agent and a migration agent are not the same thing. When choosing an education/migration agency, it’s paramount to check that the registration number is disclosed on the website, as it is a legal obligation of the migration agent. We always lodge all visas including student visas under the responsibility of a principal registered migration agent (MARN0208424), and legally represent our clients with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) throughout the whole application process.

30 years of experience

We turn 30 this year! We are experts in Australia since 1993. During all these years we have earned an impeccable reputation and credibility within the education industry in Australia.

Success Rate

To date AustraliaOnline has had a visa lodgement success rate of 99.8%. The actual education agent industry benchmark sits on 90%. We do not “hope for a visa”, we work methodically and to high procedural standards to ensure a successful visa outcome.

Personalised service

Every client of ours is different and have diverse objectives: we assess our clients case by case and assist you designing a tailored road map aligned to your needs, preferences and personal circumstances, whether your idea is to just study, migrate, or both.  

Personalised course design

We choose with you the course, school and cities which align with your needs and preferences. In all our course proposals we always take into consideration and include additional holiday periods which enables full time work rights.

Varied Academic Choice

We represent a wide array of schools (English and Vocational colleges, tertiary and universities) Australia wide so we can offer a variety of courses and destinations to our students.


Schools in Australia have an outstanding quality and have gained reputation for their inclusive treatment of international students. Studying in Australia also allows international students to legally work throughout their studies.


Most of our students applying from overseas choose to first study English as a starting point in their Australian journey. You can opt to study from an array of courses: General English, IELTS Preparation, Cambridge PET/FCE/CAE, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and Business English, among others.

VOCATIONAL COURSES (VET: Vocational Education and Training)

VET have a practical approach and are usually segmented into Certificate III, IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma, and their study duration can vary between 1 to 3 years. They also enable articulations with bachelor courses. VET courses are popular for their flexible timetables and accessible fees. A competent level of English is required to apply.  VET courses are the preferred option for visa extensions.
Some of the most popular vocational courses include business, social media, marketing, trades (i.e., carpentry, painting & decorating, commercial cookery…) child and aged care and counselling.


Australian universities are renowned worldwide. Their programs are structured similarly to the ones in the US, UK and Canada, with a practical-oriented approach. Higher education providers offer courses and levels such as bachelor degrees (3 years duration), Certificate/Graduate Diploma (6-12 months duration) and Master degrees (from 1-2 years). Requisites for applying include: proof of completion of Year 12 or having completed a year of university studies, and a valid IELTS score of 6.0-6.5 or equivalent.

The requisites for Master degrees include proof of completion of a bachelor degree and having the English level required by the course of choice. Once completing any university course of at least 2 year duration, students may apply for a Graduate Visa subclass 485. which allows the holder to stay in Australia for further 2 years with full work rights to acquire professional experience.

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