Approximate living cost Cost p/week Cost p/month Comments
Rent (Share room in the city) 150-220AUD 150-220AUD Varies according to location and number of tenants per residence. Utilities can or not be included in the rent depending on the type of accommodation.
Public Transport (Myki, Opal, etc depending of the city) From AUD41 AUD41- 60 Card top ups can be charged per each individual trip or you can save money by getting a weekly/fortnightly/monthly or yearly plan.
Mobile phone plans From AUD7.5 From AUD7.5 There is a variety of plans and all of them include Internet. Almost all companies recommend choosing prepay plans.
Food AUD50+ AUD200+ Varies according to each person’s lifestyle/budget. We recommend doing your grocery shopping at the local markets i.e. Queen Victoria Market or Paddy’s Market to access fresher and cheaper produce.
Utilities (gas, water, electricity) from AUD30 From AUD120 Utilities are paid every 2-3 months and they are usually divided amongst all flatmates.

Weekend Fri – Mon (3 nights): 3pm Collection on Friday – Return 10.30am on Monday Midweek Mon – Fri (4 nights): 3pm Collection on Monday – Return 10.30am Friday Full Week (flexible 7 nights): 3pm Collection – Return 10.30am

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