457 is a very popular visa type as it allows people to be sponsored by Australian company for a specific position from a combined skill occupations list (CSOL). This type of visas were usually granted for

4 years and in most cases, after 2 years, the employee could, with the assistance of the employer, apply for permanent visas. This visa allowed the applicant to work full time in his occupation for a particular employer.

Last year, April 2017, the Australian government implemented first stage of change to this visa subclass.

Occupations on the Skill occupation list has been reviewed and the list was divided into 2 types of occupations.

MLTSSL (Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List )


STSOL (Short-Term Skilled Occupation List)

57 visas based up on MLTSSL were still granted for up to 4 years with an option for permanent visa after 3 years, not 2 as was the case before April 2017,

however 457 visa granted for occupations on the STSOL list will only be up to 2 years with an option for second 2 years visa. Visas based up on the STSOL will however not lead towards permanent visas.

March 2018 – coming

The department of home affairs has released more detailed information for the final stage of changes.

457 subclass will be replaced by subclass 482, TSS (temporary skilled shortage visa).

With this new subclass 482 TSS visa, the government is also introducing new requirements for employers as well as for potential visa applicant / employee. The new requirements will specifically relate to the applicants academic qualifications and work experience in the nominated occupation.

A number of several changes for employers are in the area of financial commitment to training, labour market testing, salary levels and caveats.

The full version of the legislation will be available hopefully end of March for viewing.

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