Australian universities are renowned worldwide. Higher education programs in Australia are structured similarly to the ones in the US, UK and Canada, where courses are more practical-oriented. Higher education providers offer courses and levels such as bachelor degrees (3 year duration), Certificate/Graduate Diploma (6-12 months duration) and Master degrees (from 1-2 years). Requisites when applying for a bachelor degree include: proof of completion of Year 12 or having completed a year of university studies, and a valid IELTS score of 6.0-6.5 or equivalent.

The requisites for Master degrees include proof of completion of a bachelor degree and having the English level required by the course of choice. Once completing any university course of at least 2 year duration, students may apply to a Graduate Visa which allows the holder to stay in Australia for further 2 years with full work rights to acquire professional experience (visa subclass 485).

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